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In March of 2007, the Lord laid in place a piece of property in NE Henry County Alabama that would later be named Koinonia Plantation.  The story has God’s fingerprints all over it.  It is comforting to look back at that time and know that God was putting things together that were seemingly impossible.  I shared with a real estate broker during late January 2007 that I would like to buy some timber land.  I told him to keep his eyes open and if something interesting showed up to let me know.  I didn’t think anything about that conversation until my cell phone rang in March.  He wanted me to look at 306 acres of land about 45 miles north of our home.  I thanked him but told him that it was more that we could afford.  He encouraged me to come anyway because he wanted to see the land so he could tell others about it.  I agreed and was surprised to meet the land owner there.  As we rode and looked I began to share my calling and what the Lord was doing in my life.  To my surprise the owner was very interested in everything I had to say.  I remember thinking that I was going to get to lead this man to Christ.  As our conversation went on, I asked him that if he died would go to heaven?  He smiled and nodded yes.  He went on to say he just wanted to see if I would be faithful to the Lord and actually ask him.  After that we had a great afternoon riding and toward the end of the day I asked him for advice on how to trade for land because I had no experience.  He took his phone out and punched in a number and said that He would offer this amount for the property…..It was HALF what I expected!!!

Now that you know where we started let me tell you what the Lord has guided us to do with Koinonia Plantation.  This farm was provided by the Lord to further the Kingdom.  Wildlife and recreation is the vehicle that we use to share the truth of John 14:6.  We use that farm for two reasons evangelism and Christian growth.  We are not interested in fellowship without purpose.  That reminds me that I need to share the meaning of Koinonia with you.  Koinonia is a Greek term for Christian fellowship.  It refers to the unexplainable togetherness that brothers and sisters in Christ feel when they are united for a common purpose in Christ.  Koinonia is not possible with a nonbeliever.  That is our goal to make believers!