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Is it safe for my child to hunt?

We stress safety with our guides and guests.  At no point with your child be allowed to handle/touch a firearm unsupervised.  In fact the only time the child will even have access to a gun is at the moment a shot opportunity presents itself.  All of our stands are positioned to only allow for shooting in safe directions.  There will be no one allowed to exit the stand until after dark when they are picked up from the stand.

How many deer will I see from the stand?

Your guess is as good as mine.  The best afternoon that I’ve had in a stand is nine.  Typically ½ of the hunters will have an opportunity to shoot at a deer. 

What does it cost to come on a hunt?

We do not charge for hunts as long as it is evangelistic, contributes to the spread of the Gospel or contributes to spiritual growth.

Can I come and hunt as an individual?

Individual hunts are by invitation only.  However, we are planning to fence part/all of our property soon to allow for more intensive management of our deer.  We feel that this will allow us to eliminate our hog problems and allow for better age structure of our heard.  At some future point we may sell some individual hunts.