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Koinonia Plantation
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Koinonia Plantation is composed of 306 acres of land in NE Henry County Alabama.  The Plantation varies from deep hardwood bottoms to thinned pine timber stands.  It is not uncommon to see a wide variety of wildlife native to Alabama on each visit.  We have everything from chipmunks to trophy class white tailed deer.  There are numerous turkeys and unfortunately a growing wild hog population.  Our largest deer taken so far is an eleven point that scored 136”. 


There are over 6 miles of roads and trails to

explore on nature walks or by horseback.  We have nearly twenty acres of year round food plots for the wildlife.  Koinonia is a place that God has truly blessed with wildlife.  This plantation has been set aside to be used to share the Gospel.  It is our hope that we can share the truth of Jesus Christ with all that visit.  We decided to name the farm Koinonia (koin-a-knee-a) because of its Greek meaning of Christian fellowship.  This Koinonia or Christian fellowship is the type of fellowship that is only possible between believers.  I understand it as the special closeness that happens when people have the same Father.  As Christians we have been made children of God and we have that in common.  When we are together the special closeness that we have in common is Koinonia.  We want to instill this in all that visit our plantation by sharing Christ with them.  Hopefully we will end up having Koinonia with a new believer in Christ.