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There are many ways that the outdoors can be used to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.  If God has given a man a passion for the outdoors it is not by accident.  Men for the most part are rugged and tough.  We are not pansies.  You know what I mean right?  Men are more comfortable in jeans than leisure suits.  So if we thrive outdoors why shouldn’t we use it to reach souls for our Father?  There are many opportunities that you or your church can be a part of that are associated with Koinonia Outdoors.

Deer Hunts…Koinonia Plantation has over 17 acres of food plots with shooting houses and double ladders on them.  We have all our stands made large enough to accommodate two hunters so when we have a hunter join us our guide can share his own story of how Christ has worked in his life.

Turkey Hunts…We have a high population of turkeys and conduct hunts usually on a one on one basis, which allows us to spend time with our guest and share Christ.

Hog Hunts…Unfortunately we have plenty of them.  Summertime is set aside for this pest.  We set up feeders and use our shooting houses to rid the farm of this problem.  The hot afternoons are a perfect time to bring up Jesus.

Duck Hunts…You wouldn’t believe how many wood ducks are in our front pond.  They descend like a dark cloud about sunset.  We only hunt them on a limited basis, but they can afford an opportunity to share Christ with someone that enjoys duck hunting.

Bow Shoots….We have 20 3D archery targets ranging from Turkeys to Antelopes.  We can set them up in a natural setting around our one mile course and partner with a church to help outreach to men.  The shoots are a lot of fun and since the Gospel is presented several men have accepted Christ.

Skeet Shoots…We can assure that they are always flying…at least as long as the batteries hold out.  We have several automatic throwers and set them up in natural settings to have our skeet shoots.  As with all our other events they are simply outreach.

These are just a few ways that the Gospel can go out.  It is hard to explain what happens when men act like men and begin to have a burden for the lost.  There is a peace that only being in our Father’s will can bring.  When men do what they were created to do it is AWESOME!