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    I didn’t understand why God wanted a relationship with me.  I was nothing special and after reading Romans I realized that on top of that I was a sinner.  How could God be reaching out to me.  I always thought God was too busy being God to even notice me.  When I read Romans 5:8 I learned that even though I was a sinner He gave His only Son to be payment for my sin.  For God to give up something as special as His only Son so He could have a relationship with me must mean that He really desires me.  I understand the love for a child, but still cannot understand loving someone enough to sacrifice my son to have a relationship with anyone.  If you are reading this and think that you are not valuable just think of what has been given even though you are a sinner so you can have an opportunity to come to God.

When I realized that I was a sinner, but that God wanted to bring me into right relationship with Himself through Jesus I wanted to know more.  When I read Romans 6:23 I had to decide if I wanted my life or God’s life for me.  Scripture told me that the end result of being a sinner was death and separation from God, but God’s plan for me was eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Which would it be?  My way or Gods way.

I decided that I wanted what the One that created me had for me.  My struggles to find peace and purpose had left me wanting, but somehow I knew that my decision to follow God’s will for me would not leave me lacking.  When I read Romans 10:13 I understood that I could be saved and begin a relationship that was made possible only by Jesus.  I simply asked Jesus to save me.  You see it is not about a long rehearsed prayer, but rather about coming to the point that you realize that there is only one way to be made right with God.   Jesus actually is recorded in John 14:6 as saying that He is the only way to God. 

When I asked Jesus to come into my heart an amazing thing happened.  I was changed.  I was changed at that moment.  I have never gone to bed crying wondering what I was here for since that moment.  My personality changed and I became outgoing and secure in myself.  I found purpose and peace that I had been longing for.  I can attest to you that when Jesus comes into your life you will never be the same again.

If you have come to a place in your life that you realized that you need Jesus why don’t you do what I did and ask Him to save you?  You can do it right there where you are.  He will take you just as you are.  There is no sin that He will not forgive so don’t wait till you get your life cleaned up to come to Him.  Jesus will do the changing in your life and give you what you need to make the changes.  Tell Him that you are a sinner and that you want to be saved.  Ask him to come into your life and make you His child.

If you prayed asking Him into your life please let me know so I can rejoice with you and help you get started in your walk with the Lord.