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What kind of events/hunts can be held at Koinonia?

For us to do any kind of event we must be able to answer two of the following three questions.  Is the event evangelistic or does it contributes to the spread of the Gospel?  Does the event contribute to spiritual growth?  Has God equipped us to host this event?  For additional information on events held at Koinonia please see outdoor outreach opportunities.

What is a typical deer hunt at Koinonia?

Deer hunting events are scheduled several months in advance.  The hunters and adult guides arrive at the farm around 11:00.  Each hunter is paired with a guide who is secure in his walk with the Lord.  This guide will host the hunter for the afternoon.  The hunter and guide will get acquainted with each other while eating lunch at the barn and take part in a group devotion in which the Gospel is presented.  The hunters and guides are taken to and picked up from the enclosed shooting houses by event leaders.  The number of hunters attending an event depends on shooting house and guide availability.  For groups with more than 10 hunters, we sometimes partner with surrounding land owners who are willing to host hunters on their farms.  Hunter safety is emphasized and at no time with the hunter be allowed to be unsupervised.

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